New book from Roni Edlund and Damo Mitchell - 'Daoist Nei Gong for Women - The Art of the Lotus and the Moon'. This book outlines the nature of Nei Gong training for women and includes much hard-to-find information on the nature of female practice and the female energy body
Roni Edlund is a full time practitioner and teacher of the Daoist Arts. She has studied extensively with her teacher and partner Damo Mitchell as well as various teachers across Asia
The moon has long been connected to the feminine spirit within ancient cultures. Women in Nei Gong should learn how to work with and connect to the energy of the moon in order to help harmonise the natural cycles of energy taking place within them.
The saying goes that 'a man may reach Dao in a mere nine years of training; a woman will manage it in six'. Training in the Daoist arts as a woman can be a powerfully transformative experience; but only if you understand the unique nature of feminine energy

Daoism and the Sacred Feminine


Below are links to several books and resources written by Roni Edlund and her partner Damo Mitchell. These books contain a whole wealth of information on the Daoist Arts and in particular many of the practices taught within this school. The first book ‘Daoist Nei Gong for Women’ has an in depth exploration of the internal arts from a woman’s perspective whilst the second book ‘White Moon on the Mountain Peak’ includes a great level of detail on Daoist alchemy from both a male and a female point of view.

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Female Practice

  • Yang Sheng Fa

    How to practice conscious awareness of your way of living, eating and moving, and emotions that arise throughout the day to promote internal change, balance and spirituality. Some small tips to start transforming everyday normal life into a spiritual and flourishing one, full of mental strength and great health.

    One simple, but often very underestimated, key to feeling good and having mental strength is to nurture good physical health. A healthy, well-functioning body leads to a well-functioning mind...

  • The Golden Phoenix

    Within each and every ancient culture the feminine aspect of the universe was venerated. The feminine is the creative, compassionate, nurturing pole of the universe embodied within the congenital consciousness of each and every woman upon the planet. For women the key to attaining spiritual elevation is rediscovering and waking up this often dormant potential nature and using it for energetic growth. There is a great strength to be had from this feminine, Yin force and Daoist internal...

  • The Female Daoist

    The issue of gender impacts upon every facet of what we do and who we are. More than just a classification based upon biological differences, men and women have unique energetic and spiritual qualities which are a manifestation of the powers of Yin (陰) and Yang (陽). Within the eastern arts it has long been understood that men and women have individual traits which must be worked with in the correct manner if they are to successfully progress...